Oppression breeds resistance; resistance brings freedom. Mural in the Falls Road, a Catholic neighborhood of Belfast. Ulster. Northern Ireland. Falls Curfew July 1970 Dedicated to all those women who faced up to military aggression. Falls Road. Belfast, Northern Ireland. He also took us along Falls Road, in one of the main Catholic neighborhoods which has resisted Protestant rule (and what some at least used to consider occupation by the British army). In the photo to the left you can see an area in which a number of murals have been painted, some in commemoration of local Catholics (some combatants, both men and women, but also a number of bystanders, including children) who lost their lives over the years, including ten who fasted to their death in 1980 while in prison. The mural below gives a sense for the Catholic position: their resistance, including violent resistance, is a response to oppression, foreign control which itself has been ultimately enforced by police and army violence as well.