Ulster folk & transport museum. Ballycultra town Buildings. Church of Ireland At the time Kilmore Church was built in 1790, the Church of Ireland was still the Established Church in Ireland, and was supported by tithes.  This 10 per cent payment of the annual produce of land or labour was made to the church by the entire population, whether they belonged to it or not. This small Anglican (Protestant Episcopalian) church was built to accommodate 160 people, although parish records show the usual attendance was about 100 worshippers. An argument raged throughout the Anglican Communion in the 1840s and 1850s over the nature of worship and the use of rituals introduced by the Anglo-Catholic movement.  To heal this rift in the parish, the new rector who was appointed in 1868, built a new church nearby and this building served as a parish hall, a school and a store. In the 1880s it became common for Anglican churches to replace their box pews with rows of open pews. When Kilmore Church was being moved to the Museum, the layout of the original box pews was clearly visible on the floor and it was decided to reinstate the original 18th century interior. Original location: Kilmore, Crossgar, County Down