Victoria Square Shopping Centre. In employment terms, over 3,000 people were involved in the construction phase of Victoria Square, with a further 3,000 people gaining employment in the scheme through jobs in retail, security and the service industries. Environmentally, a large section of the roof has been covered in Sedum in a direct attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of Victoria Square. This material soaks up rainwater allowing it to evaporate naturally over time rather than overload draining systems. Victoria Square is the largest ever retail-led regeneration scheme to open in Northern Ireland, covering 1.8 hectares. Multi Development UK was appointed Department for Social Development’s development partner in 2000. The scheme was granted outline-planning approval in 2002. Multi Corporation sold Victoria Square to Commerz Real in 2004. Today Victoria Square is valued at over £400m. Construction commenced in April 2004 and lasted 46 months to completion and were overseen by local joint venture contractors Farrans and Gilbert Ash. Sedum roof installed by BBS Green Roofing.