Boys and girls meet in Arthur Square. The centre piece of the square is the steel sculpture 'Spirit of Belfast' This was the peoples choice, in a poll that was narrowed down to 3 choices. Its alternative name (Most Irish statues and monuments seem to have a nick-name!) is Onion Rings. It was created from steel by Dan George, a New York artist, and eventually unveiled on 25th September 2009 -So less than 2 weeks before my visit! The metal is intended to represent the strength and beauty of shipbuilding* while the coloured lights represent the texture and lightness of linen* The sculpture cost £180,000. Apparently public opinion is divided on its installation- many prefer the old bandstand that sat here, where school choirs, the Salvation Army etc performed. The square also attracted protest groups, 'The End is Nigh' soothsayers, and anyone who had something to share! Giving some local colour and character.