A juggler tries to pass under the fire in Arthur Square. Arthur Square is also known as Cornmarket (It was previously known as The Shambles). This area in the heart of Belfast has been linked to commerce since at least 1604. Sir Arthur Chichester, the Lord Deputy of Ireland in that year, received a grant of this town, which along with the Manor and Castle included permission to hold fairs and Markets. Arthur wasted no time in developing the small settlement into a profitable centre of commerce. The first Belfast Fair was held on 1st August 1604. By encouraged traders and craftsmen to move here with their families, the area developed, and regular markets were held. A Market House was built at the corner of Cornmarket and High Street (it was demolished in 1811, having stood for 200 years). This is also known in local history as the place where, on 17th July 1798, Henry Joy Mc Cracken was tried and found guilty of treason. He was hung in this square the same day.