Its creators describe Titanic Belfast® as a "must see" visit in any tour of Belfast and Northern Ireland. Already, tour operators are programming it in to their 2012 schedules.  In November 2011 National Geographic identified Titanic Belfast as the main attraction for visitors to look forward to in 2012, after naming Belfast among the world's top 20 travel destinations for the year, describing it as 'a capital city of Titanic ambition that is redefining itself in the eyes of the world.' It is no accident that the time it will take to construct is a mirror of RMS Titanic’s build. Nor is it coincidental that the shape of architect, Eric Kuhne’s ultra-modern building resembles the hulls of four ships. The height and position of the building are also a nod to slipway number 2 where Titanic was constructed and the towering presence it exerted over Queen’s Island.