A VW Volkswagen bus cocktail bar in Soi Rambuttri. Bangkok. Grab a beer with ice or a cocktail from one of the pop-up bars and pull up a seat with the locals. The best place to try is along the back of the temple where you can hear some great live music and a friendly and cheerful atmosphere. These places don’t tend to get busy until after 23:00 though. You can also find a couple of the amazing decorated car bars on Rambuttri – a VW campervan and a songtaew. VW bars are converted vans with staff operating the cocktail shakers from inside the Volkswagen. Decorated with neon fairy lights, disco balls and impressive sound systems blaring out the latest pop hits, they’re a noticeable addition to Bangkok party street Sukhumvit 11. Bangkok is a city where you can just as easily find high-end drinking and dining as you can dirt-cheap, down-and-out booze and nosh, and Sukhumvit Soi 11 is one of those rare sois that showcases clubs and bars to suit every budget. The general rule is that the further you venture up the soi, the more expensive the options get. However, the VW bars, dotted along the entire street, are about as cheap as it gets, and allow you to become lubricated under the gaze of the notoriously expensive Bed Supper Club, without putting so much as a chink in your wallet.