Chef Bo Songvisava, the best woman chef in Asia in her restaurant Bo Lan in Bangkok. Thailand. Chef Bo Songvisava is breaking boundaries. Professional kitchens around the world remain dominated by male chefs. In Asia, it is rare to see a female chef, even more so a female Asian chef at the helm of a restaurant. Last year, The 50 Best Restaurants in Asia bestowed its inaugural award for Asia’s best female chef on Duangporn Songvisava, more popularly known by her nickname, Bo. The Thai chef is behind Bo.lan, one of the five restaurants in Thailand to make it to the prestigious 50 Best list. Away from the busy traffic of Bangkok, Bo.lan is tucked away in a soi (side street) off Sukhumvit 26 – it’s a location discerning diners are keen to seek out for an authentic, gorgeous Thai meal. The afternoon I arrive, waitresses are preparing for dinner service while a 15-month old toddler, named Keith, runs around the garden, giggling in excitement. From the kitchen, chef Dylan Jones emerges, introducing himself. He is the other half of the Bo.lan tandem, chef Bo’s husband, and father to Keith. “Bo will soon be here,” he informs me. It is hard to imagine this Australian chef has only been in Thailand for five years, for he speaks, writes and reads Thai fluently. As I admire the restaurant, set in an old bungalow home, Bo arrives clad in khaki trousers, a dark blue T-shirt, her hair tied up in a ponytail, and her face without a trace of make-up. She is no diva, simply a no-nonsense, down-to-earth 33-year-old woman. She sips a latte while recounting her food journey.