Food stalls at Tha Chang Pier 9. Woman selling spring rolls. Bangkok. Thailand. Phra Chan Road's dozens of stalls have pretty much all Thai food cravings covered. If there’s one food rule in Thailand, it’s that the area surrounding any university will be a gastronomic gold mine. This little cluster of sois and restaurants on the river at the end of Phra Chan Road and beside Thammasat University is more than enough proof. Out front, it's mostly shops selling clothes and jewelry, but toward the river tiny hallways and crowded wall-to-wall eateries sell nearly every Thai dish imaginable, and many of the seats come with a relaxing river view. Further down Maharat Road -- past the amulet market -- Tha Chang Pier is another riverside area densely populated with all manner of food and dessert carts. Getting there: Take the Chao Phraya Express ferry to Tha Chang Pier. Best time to visit: Weekdays, during the day.