Chinese people Foot massage in Khao San Road. Bangkok. Thailand. Hippy, hippies, backpacker's mecca of Khaosan, Khao San Road, massage, street, relaxing, foot, Banglamphu, area, Bangkok, Thailand, Asia,. You'll find the foot massage business in various places. If the choice is yours, why don't you choose 'Reflexology' at our clean, air-conditioned place with special chairs for foot massage!!  This treatment starts with herbal foot soak. After the actual foot massage, we offer a relaxing, short Thai massage from head, shoulder, back and neck.  About the price?? Well, our staff is professional trained in reflexology, we bought special chairs to give you all the comfort and during the treatment we use three different therapeutic creams. ....Still, to promote this Asian healing technique, the price for foot massage is only 270 Baht for 1 hour. For 1½ hour: 390 baht, etc. This technique is bases on an old Chinese tradition that believes the hands and feet are the center of the human body. Foot massage is called 'Reflexology'. Reflexology relaxes the whole body and relieves pain, strain, headache, migraine, stiff neck and sore knees. By applying pressure to the underside of the feet, you can bring vitality and health to the whole body. Stimulating specific points on the feet relieves tension. It improves circulation and promotes the natural healing of the body. Foot massage is a good and preventive measure for problems such as constipation, sinus, back and neck problem and it also helps improve the kidney and digestive systems. Furthermore: reflexology can make you look younger and feel wonderful.