A Voodoo practitioner may have come to acquire the experience and conditions for their work as independently. In that case you need to build a house (known in Haiti caye-Mystere (cai-Mist) intended exclusively for the Luas, separated from his dwelling house. For different materials used clothing. In rural areas the most common is that this church, usually small, have palm board walls or used palm fronds and thatched roof, that is, is a hut. In the existing voodoo cult centers in urban areas, these "houses of the mysteries" or luas are constructed with a greater variety of materials, ranging from tables and walls to ceiling masonry or concrete zinc. are frequently found living in homes of Haitians and their descendants small altars built in an unlikely place visible one bedroom, and in these immigrants, usually placed images of Catholic saints, bushes and other objects own voodoo. On the floor of that room when it comes from a pastor could be also seen on a carpet bag jute or, on the surface of the soil, objects such as spools of thread, coins, etc.. and maybe a table with other ritual objects.