Near the falls, men and women sell candles, blue and white beads represent the loas and images of Our Lady of Miracles. The drums play syncopated rhythms, and some people go into a trance, talking loudly and moving frantically. Beyond the stereotypes, which describe pure voodoo as black magic rituals with dolls, animal sacrifices and undead, this is basically a peaceful religion, which the rites are a mystical experience for the uninitiated. Many people in Haiti believe in the existence of zombies, people returning from the grave after death to scare the living. They say this is possible thanks to Bokor, sorcerer, who say it serves the Iwa with both hands. The victims are given a kind of secret potion that causes them a lot like cataleptic state death and imprisons the individual. Then the Bokor exhumed corpse and revives the false back to the person throwing it into a trance in which she can do anything it pleases, usually hard work.