This girl takes several minutes into a trance and a friend or relative helps return to normal status with the thumb pressing the front of his head. Followers of voodoo (vodouisants) believe in one God called Gran Met (Great Teacher) to which all show you devotion. The girl is full trance in one of the pools of Saut d'eau. Voodoo in Haiti arrived with African slaves in fifteenth and sixteenth century, and the reason of their origin is multiple and complex, because all the people who lived there contributing socio-cultural elements in their training. Sin. But before I start a religion. Usually seen as a response of the black African slave operation of the system of his time. Brutally torn from Africa, slaves experienced all kinds of moral and physical punishment. The black code that governs the colony makes the slave is reduced to a mere body, is one thing anyone who takes over Mr. colonizer. And with them, the owners often used abusive and dehumanizing methods including: forced labor, Gigot, imagination, humiliation, death penalty, interdiction of learning to read and write. So, A record of everything, voodoo is not going to be more than a cluster of defense mechanism, disclosed the slaves.