A woman is in a trance. It was in the sixteenth century came to America voodoo religion as policeman of the African slaves chained in Haiti and Santo Domingo (what used to be called Spanish Island). Like other cults, voodoo the instant before death somehow define the future of the soul. A believer that dying should receive the visit of the 'hougans' (priests men) or 'mambo' (women) responsible for freeing his soul from the spirits that will not let him leave at the intended destination, this, at the ceremony the 'dessounen'. That is why the Ra-Ra was wearing this year as strong an emotional charge, no one thought of the 'dessounen' when Haiti was falling apart and death, multiplied by thousands arrived in the midst of the vibrations of the earthquake of 12 January. It is believed, then, that there are souls that still roam the country without being able to rise towards reincarnation. The criticisms by way of explanation appeared everywhere: "The spirits knew, we were advised, but not understood," said André days after the earthquake Ismaite, a respected 'hougan'.