Voodoo Festival Saut d'Eau is celebrated every year on July 16 to coincide with the day on which in 1847 appeared a vision of the Virgin Mary. Thousands of devotees coming from all parts of Haiti are bathed in this water for purified or pra lose the Grand Master that their dreams become reality. Voodoo is the main religion of Haiti. The followers need to be possessed by a spirit Iwa to communicate with Grand Met, since this is abut far from the physical plane. In the photograph one of the assistants is abut possessed by the great Iwa. Their movements are convulsive. There are many families (nanchons in Creole) of Iwa, which is invoked in different order according to the ritual. A woman goes into a trance. Although most of these houguanes are men, women can also be provided demonstrating its ability to perform that task. His name should be chosen will Manbo. But it is also possible that the houngan use his powers to summon evil. In this particular case the priest is called Bokor. Hatiano Voodoo, which also has a link with cosmology, is a strong relation of Haitian popular culture, since much of the population believe in the ability of Bokor to raise the dead and make them work for their benefit . And indeed, in its capacity to cause death to their enemies.