Voodoo Festival Saut d'Eau is celebrated every year on July 16 to coincide with the day on which in 1847 appeared a vision of the Virgin Mary. Thousands of devotees coming from all parts of Haiti are bathed in this water for purified or pra lose the Grand Master that their dreams become reality. Voodoo is the main religion of Haiti. The followers need to be possessed by a spirit Iwa to communicate with Grand Met, since this is abut far from the physical plane. In the photograph one of the assistants is abut possessed by the great Iwa. His eyes are completely gone and their movements are convulsive. A woman goes into a trance. The trance, at which time Iwa spirits enter the body of priests, is a standard pattern among participants in the festival and it is not surprising to observe that possessed people dropped by the torrent of water, eyes white and twitching. Though the epicenter is the water that gives the falls, all up around various places of worship where the faithful lit candles and pray in trees to pray for luck, money or love.