A man collects water that falls from the waterfall to purify her. On this feast of Voodoo tradition are honored Iwa goddesses with Christian ceremonies such as the veneration of the Virgen de los Milagros (known here as the Virgen del Carmen), in a symbiosis that mixes Christianity with African roots that brought by the exclavos.En Creole the official language, the term official refers to the Vodou religion of Haiti. This word comes from the word voodoo fon (divine spirit), which is still used in Benin, the African cradle vuduismo. As the ancient kingdom of Dahomey, Benin gave the slaves needed to be needed at that time in Haiti, which continued to worship their ancestral religion. Practitioners tend to flee the Anglicized voodoo term (hence the Spanish term "voodoo" with its connotations morbid and unrealistic.